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Guide to Pet-Friendly Apartments in Wichita, KS

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Recent surveys have found that 68% of Americans own at least one pet, and that number is ever-growing. Americans also spend an average of $99 billion on their pets every year. If you own a pet, you may be looking for pet-friendly apartments in Wichita. This is a very important aspect of apartment hunting that you need to be aware of. Not every apartment allows you to own any kind of pet. But the good news is that there are plenty of dog-friendly apartments in Wichita you can choose from. Keep reading to find out what pet-friendly apartments in Wichita are the best options.

Pet-Friendly Apartments in EAst WICHITA 

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Another great apartment option in East Wichita is Brookwood Apartments. This is an affordable apartment community that provides one and two-bedroom apartments. If you are looking for a new apartment, this is a great option for pet owners. It even provides a bark park where you and your furry friend can hang out. Other features include a resort-style swimming pool, 24 Hour Fitness Center, and Koi pond. You are also within walking distance of an animal clinic and various restaurants. Overall, these apartments provide everything that a pet owner could need.

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Looking for pet-friendly apartments in Wichita? You should look into Eastgate Apartments in East Wichita. Affordable options for one, two, and three-bedroom apartments are available. You will also join an active community where a 20 47 Fitness Center and pool are available. These apartments also sport a business center and a clubhouse for hanging out. It is a pet-friendly apartment that is surrounded by plenty of businesses you may need to get to. This includes places like Costco Wholesale, Starbucks, and different parks.

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Having dogs in apartments is something that can be done if the apartment is pet-friendly. One pet-friendly apartment option in northeast Wichita is Cross Creek Apartments. There are one, two, and three-bedroom apartments as well as townhomes available. Not only is this apartment building pet-friendly, but it also has a fenced-in dog park. The community is very pet friendly, and you are within walking distance of playgrounds and different schools. There's also an outdoor basketball court if you want to get some exercise.

Pet-Friendly Apartments in West WICHITA 

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Looking for no-breed restriction apartments? You should look into Berkshire Apartments and Townhomes. One, two, and three-bedroom apartments and townhomes are available in Northwest Wichita. The community is very pet-friendly and has a fenced-in dog park. There is also a 24-hour fitness center and a volleyball court. These apartments are conveniently placed where you can access many other Wichita features. This includes restaurants, different parks, and coffee houses.

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One pet-friendly apartment is Mt. Carmel Apartments. These apartments provide a swimming pool and clubhouse, as well as balconies.

There are no breed restrictions, so you can own any breed of dog you like. The apartments are also in a great area of Wichita, with one and two-bedroom apartments.

You will only be a short distance from downtown Wichita. There are also plenty of surrounding parks you can walk to.

Pet-Friendly Apartments in Downtown WICHITA 

Guide to Pet-Friendly Apartments in Wichita, KS

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Near downtown Wichita, KS, Indian Hills Apartments is a great option. It offers one and two bedroom apartments with facilities in the apartment building. You will be able to enjoy a saltwater swimming pool as well as a playground and picnic area. But that isnt the only benefit. This is also a pet-friendly apartment. In fact, these are no breed restriction apartments. This is a huge benefit since you can own any dog you like, and you will not be restricted by the apartment rules. These apartments are also placed near many other Wichita locations you may want to visit. This includes the best places to get food as well as museums.

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If you want to live in central Wichita, you could try out Morgans Landing. These apartments have studio one and two-bedroom options depending on your needs. It features a fully equipped kitchen as well as plenty of features throughout the apartment building. This includes things like a playground, pool, and barbecue patio. Morgan's Landing prides itself on being a pet-friendly community. It is also encompassed by many other key features in Wichita that you may want to visit.

Why Choose Pet-Friendly Apartments?

If you need to rent an apartment, these are some of the best options. But you may be wondering why pet-friendly apartments are so important. Here are some examples of the benefits you will get from renting a pet-friendly apartment.


Many apartments are not pet-friendly and don't allow any animals. This restricts your options if you already own a pet or several pets. It also means that you will not be able to adopt pets in the future. That is why finding a pet-friendly apartment is such a big deal, as it allows this option. Even if you don't have a pet right now, you may change your mind later on.

Better Quality of Life

Anyone with a pet will be able to tell you how their pet affects their life. Pets are a ray of sunshine, making every day a little bit better. Those who own pets are usually happier and get out more. That is why many people have pets because they benefit their mental health. Without this option, you could be missing out on one of the best aspects of life.

Pet-Friendly Apartments in Wichita: The Ultimate Guide

You may be looking for pet-friendly apartments in Wichita. If that is the case, there are several options available with plenty of amazing features. These apartments not only allow you to own a pet but there are also no breed restrictions. Some also offer different pet parks and other pet-friendly features.

Are you looking for dog-friendly apartments in Wichita, KS? Contact us today at Mt. Carmel Village Apartments to schedule a tour.